Let’s start with the facts:

People in Addiction Recovery are medical patients, protected by federal law. We should treat them that way. People seeking medical treatment for addiction are our friends, our neighbors, our family. It’s time that we recognize that they are not unnamed strangers.

Discrimination and name calling? That is no way to solve problems. Imagine if a friend traveling to another city to seek cancer treatment was told he was not welcome there. Imagine an HIV patient, or a neighbor struggling with diabetes, discriminated against because of their disease. We would be outraged.

This type of discrimination is happening today to people working hard to overcome their addiction, their Substance Use Disorder. This type of discrimination is what has historically kept people with this disease to stay in the shadows, fearful of stepping forward to seek help. This type of discrimination has helped create the single largest drug epidemic in our nation’s history.

And what of those people who have dedicated their lives to providing this important healthcare service? Otherwise “good” people have begun to create divisive lines, ostracizing anyone and everyone working in the addiction recovery industry and painting them all with the same broad brush as being “bad actors” or “unscrupulous profiteers”.

Let’s change that. Let’s work together to make things better. Let’s agree on what works, and recognize what is broken. And rather than making things worse, let’s make things better. Most importantly, let’s start TODAY.


The addiction recovery industry has come under siege who have once again found what they believe to bean easy target on a complicated field of battle. The National Recovery Council is here to instill change in the narrative through influence, education and when necessary, politics. The people working in the treatment industry are there to support those in need. We are here to support those whose calling in life is to make the world a better place by helping others achieve sobriety.


There is no easy solution to curing America’s addiction crisis, but there are excellent treatment professionals who are trying to make a difference, one person at a time. Unfortunately, there are far too many involved within the medical field, the media, the insurance industry, uninformed citizens, and those who find their calling (and paycheck) in politics, who are looking for a scapegoat, a target to blame for this nationwide epidemic, or to point the finger elsewhere rather than asking themselves whether they are part of the problem or part of the solution. Are politicians attacking drug companies? Is the media going after the drug dealers on the street? Are the politicians and media focused on the failure to educate our youth on the dangers of drugs? No, they are going after the very industry that is trying to help those facing addiction. Targeting the people who work to support those in recovery has become all too typical of certain media outlets and public officials. We are going to change that.

The National Recovery Council is working closely with progressive politicians, influential decision makers, and important thought leaders to change the narrative through education, influence and targeted marketing.  We will no longer sit idly by and allow politicians and the media shame those who are doing the right thing and fail to support those who are trying in a healthcare field for which insurance refuses to pay what is required!


Join us, today. Be part of the solution, and help create positive, progressive change that will result in more people getting better – and stop the discrimination and negativity that seeks to tear down the people who foster recovery, sobriety, and community in order for our nation to heal.

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