National Recovery Council Team

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Francis J. Biden, Policy Director

Francis J. Biden joins the NRC team no stranger to the South Florida Recovery Community. After coming to Palm Beach County many years ago to begin his own sobriety, he has served as mentor, big brother and Sponsor to many others looking to recover their lives.

With the support of the community Mr. Biden began rebuilding his own life in Palm Beach County. Mr. Biden is the co-founder of Public School Property Development and its Construction Division, P&T Construction Inc., located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He is also a Partner in DelMarva L.L.C based in Washington, DC and operating internationally. These entities are responsible for over 12 billion dollars in school financing placed with over 200 schools built and operated in Florida. His companies provide a turnkey, single source of responsibility to acquire, finance, design, build and lease K-12 public schools.

Mr. Biden is the founder of Solar Schools International located in Liberia, Costa Rica. SSI’S mission is to provide clean energy to the ministry of Education’s four thousand public school facilities through the installation of solar roof’s and LED lighting. The cost savings through these efficiencies is then applied to each schools lunch program in that community.

Prior to moving to Florida, Mr. Biden served as The Director of Legislative and Congressional Affairs in the White House under President Clinton from 1992 -1998.

Throughout his career Mr. Biden worked as an unpaid senior advisor on all of his brother Joe Biden’s senatorial Campaigns, culminating in the Presidential election of 2012. He is currently senior advisor to the former VP’S 2020 political action committee.

Mr. Biden is an advisor to the Beau Biden Foundation, a philanthropy named in honor of his Nephew, winner of the Bronze Star and Legion of Merit for his heroism in Iraq, As the Attorney General in Delaware Beau was a champion for abused and neglected children; his philanthropy continues that work.

Mr. Biden was the chief funding officer for Hand In Hand Ministries whose broad mission is to combat homelessness brought on by substance abuse and mental health issues.

Mr. Biden has two grown daughters, Alana, an executive with NBC productions in Los Angles and Megan, a nurse Practitioner in Virginia. He lives with his partner Melinda in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Blake MacDiarmid, Policy Director

Drug Abuse Treatment AdvocateBlake MacDiarmid is a strategist and communications innovator with over two decades of experience. A leukemia survivor who moved 3000 miles to find the right healthcare providers to cure his rare disease, Blake has a firsthand understanding of the challenges people in recovery face when they find themselves in a new town that is not always welcoming.

Specializing in creative project direction, message solutions, and issue motivation, he has provided mission-critical insights to Billionaires, Ambassadors, Private Equity Firms, Not-for-Profits, and even a winning Presidential campaign. An expert at message crafting and positioning on federal, state, and local political projects, Blake’s unique alchemy has also fueled successful private sector outcomes for complex initiatives valued in excess of two billion dollars. Additionally, he is a respected media source, quoted as an expert strategist in CNN, CBS, Politico, and National Journal stories.

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Adam Beighley

Adam Beighley is one of the founding partners of the Law Offices of Beighley, Myrick, Udell & Lynne, PA. the firm has grown from 2 lawyers to 30+ employees across the three South Florida counties. Mr. Beighley has concentrated his practice in the areas of real estate, business, land use, general civil litigation and strategy. Having lived in South Florida since the age of 9, Mr. Beighley has witnessed the area’s growth first hand and has seen the impact that the opioid epidemic has had on this country.

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JEFFREY C. LYNNE, ESQ., Policy Director – Recovery Housing

Jeffrey C. Lynne, Esq. is an honors graduate of the University of Florida in Criminal Justice and an honors graduate from the University of Miami School of Law. After serving as a state prosecutor in the Economic Crimes Division and then for the City of Boca Raton as an assistant city attorney, Jeffrey was recruited to join the zoning and regulatory compliance team as a Shareholder in the national law firm of Akerman LLP. During this time, Jeffrey was asked to represent various providers of services to persons with Substance Use Disorders. Seeing an opportunity to make a larger positive impact upon this landscape, Jeffrey left Akerman and enlarged his practice to include representation of individuals and business entities relating to zoning, real estate, business structuring, marketing, regulatory compliance and litigation pertaining to substance abuse treatment facilities and sober living residences. Jeffrey has since been recognized across the nation as an sought-after speaker and thought leader in the progressive public dialogue about the role that substance use disorder treatment has within our communities and the fundamental need and right to provide safe and affordable housing for those who are both in treatment for addiction and alcoholism as well as those who are established in their recovery. Most importantly, Jeffrey has been recognized for defending the rights of service providers against discrimination by government agencies with regards to local zoning and housing. Jeffrey is also the author of the blog “” where he discusses emerging legal and business trends in behavioral health care and specifically ethical Substance Use Disorder treatment, housing, and marketing practices.